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Weight Loss - Services | Urgent MD

Weight Loss MD Services

ONE Life. ONE Body. ONE Weight Loss Physician

Healthy isn't just a goal; it's a way of life! We provide our patients with a multitude of helps: weekly menus, simple 15 minute exercise handouts, food journals, a weekly weight loss support group with a clinician/licensed counselor (trained in the field of eating disorder and impulse control), a monthly food workshop with a licensed dietitian to help you learn more about how to shop and eat and the support of our dedicated staff, who can't WAIT to see you succeed!

Walk-ins welcome, extended and Saturday hours, and promotional price for all established Urgent MD patients!

Our Process

The skills and tasks of weight loss are much like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. No ONE piece is the solution, but when all of the pieces are put together, dramatic results can occur. And all you need to be is READY. We are here to teach you how to put the pieces together, educate you on healthy lifestyle changes and support you throughout the process as you learn how to take control of the decisions that affect your body. Your life is waiting. Let's get you living it!

Evaluation & Treatment

Our physician will perform a comprehensive medical assessment, followed by the development of a personalized weight loss plan built specifically for YOU. We will gain a complete picture of your medical history and any current medical conditions so that we can advise you in the safest and fastest plan for achieving your long-term weight loss goal. Initial physical exam includes a thorough medical history, routine blood tests, an EKG, a biometric body fat analysis and the prescription of appropriate appetite suppressant medication, along with lifestyle evaluation. We also provide B6/B12 injections, oral Myodin spray and Lipotropic injection and Lipo-Plex injection or tablets. These are available to our patients, individually or in combination, to increase your metabolism, boost your energy and amplify fat burning. We will determine the course of action that will best help YOU achieve permanent weight loss, while taking your real life into account.

Conscious Eating

We hate the word "diet" too. We eat to medicate stress, for comfort, for reward. We eat out of boredom, further crippling us in an inactive lifestyle or as our singular social recreational activity. And sometimes, we overeat with our families, because obesity is a family disease. We learned to eat at home and often, bad habits were formed there. A healthy view of food is crucial for reaching and maintaining long term weight loss goals.There are a multitude of food choices available to us every day, many of which ARE truly healthy and yummy, and many of which may taste good, but are terrible for us. We will teach you how tell the difference. And make better decisions. You will see menus through new eyes, eyes that want to live longer lives. You will shop differently, as if you are actually fueling a body you care deeply about. You will find that food can be enjoyed and that it can be delicious and still be good for you. And don't be afraid of change here: small steps are the goals. We'll talk about your current eating habits and help you to make changes ONE healthy decision at a time.


We know that "exercise" can be a frightening word and we want to take the fear OUT of being more active. Achieving a healthier weight will require you to move more, but we will help you take it one small step at a time. True long term health requires movement. Your body is filled with hundreds of muscles. They hold you up, help you move, even pump your blood. But we promise you: the MORE you move, the BETTER you will feel! Permanent weight loss is maintained by making true lifestyle changes. And the rewards are great! Life is filled with opportunities to get out there and participate, and you don't have to miss out on that for one more day.


It cannot be overstated... losing weight isn't only a physical process. It is emotional and mental and relational, too. It's a mindset which often needs to be shifted, and lifestyles need to be altered. If we want to be healthy, we must make changes. And in lives full of obligations and demands, stressful work environments and family responsibilities, we have fallen into unhealthy patterns of living. With support, we can change some of those things to improve our quality of life, our mental health and our physical condition. Not every stressor in our lives can be eliminated, but by making some significant changes in the way that we eat and move and rest and recreate, we will see substantial improvements to our overall outlook and longterm health prognosis. Many have even seen the reversal of serious medical conditions that were only exacerbated by excess weight. We need to learn to take better care of our bodies and refuse to continue to let our weight hold us hostage. To that end, we are so pleased to partner with Julie Keck, LPC, of Resolution Counseling Professionals, who specializes in treating men and women with eating disorders and impulse control, addiction, anger, abuse and a host of other issues. She is leading a weekly weight loss support group for our patients, right here in the office, every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00 pm.


Without a concrete plan, which will include short-term and long-term goals, we cannot track our progress and, too often, we never achieve the success we desire. Truly successful weight loss is accomplished by reaching a series of small goals, one pound at a time. The weight you want to lose, the bad habits that keep you prisoner or the unhealthy lifestyle that you've grown accustomed to were certainly not developed overnight. Each part of our plan for you is crucial, and setting individual, attainable goals for moving, eating, resting and living is the key. Each month, you will sit down with the physician and revisit your goals, evaluate what's working, reassess what isn't. And we will also develop a plan for relapse prevention. Your goal is not temporary weight loss. Neither is ours. To truly lose the weight and keep it off, we will develop a long-term follow up plan for you once you've reached your own personal goal weight. And if we see some bad habits creeping back in, or pounds regained, we will help you take immediate action to stop that process in its tracks! We want to help you reach your weight loss goal... for LIFE.